Parents appreciate a school that provides their children with the attention, instruction and curriculum necessary to educate, empower and equip them for success in college, career and life. Carpe Diem – Northwest is a tuition-free public charter school that successfully educates 6-12th grade students in a smaller, relationship centered setting.

Parents value a school designed with the goal of making education a more positive, enriching and enjoyable experience for all students. We teach and coach our students utilizing a proprietary blended learning model that combines digital curriculum with high quality instruction, personalized learning experiences and high expectations.

Parents see the importance of meeting each student at their current level and building competency and confidence through hard work and encouragement. So, Carpe Diem students learn at a pace that fits them, not the pace of an entire classroom. Our students aren’t labeled by grade level but are rewarded for successfully mastering each subject.

Carpe Diem Learning Schools provide a secure online portal to provide parents with real-time student data, including attendance, grades, and academic progress. So parents know exactly where their student is each day in terms of progress with each subject and mastery of the material.

That’s why parents are so willing to tell others about their experience at Carpe Diem schools:

“It is a wonderful school. Everyone on staff is very caring and willing to help your student with anything they may be struggling with, school wise and/or on a personal level. The staff treats you like you’re apart of their family.”

“Carpe Diem has transformed my daughter’s intrinsic motivation. She now strives to have better grades and be current or ahead with her progress.”

“…is an excellent school that allows my child (to) progress at her own pace. She has the opportunity to progress faster and to take college courses as part of her High School curriculum.”

“It has been nice because they get to do work that meets their needs (I think for the first time Sydney has actually had to work at school!) Also, they can work at their pace, which in the case of my children means flying through their lessons and trying to get in as much as possible; so they are able to work ahead and are not restricted by the pace of a classroom that is teaching to the middle.”

“This is a school that can be flexible to schedules of students with outside interests.”

“Online education is effective. It motivates the student by giving instant follow up on what they are learning. Problem areas can be immediately addressed rather than waiting sometimes a week or longer for a teacher to grade your material.” “There is the added benefit of having a teacher in the lab to help students in problem areas, and for other classes which students can interact with one another. Students learn in various ways. I have found out this set up perfectly fits my son.”

“It is a great program, great staff.”

“…my daughter has gone from a student who did not do homework and did not care about school to a girl who is excited about her school. Kayla is a tenth grader and for the first time in her life she is participating in extra-curricular activities and she has goals for her future.”